Training for youth leaders on Saturday

March 2nd, youth leaders from the southern and northern campuses of City on a Hill Church had a great opportunity to participate in youth training. The event was organized to inspire, guide and strengthen young people as they serve God. The training covered three main topics: the relationship between a man and a woman, spiritual discipline and teamwork.

Alexander Korenchuk, covered the first theme. He drew special attention of participants on the motives of relationships. He spoke of marriage as unity, having the right motives in the relationship between a man and a woman.

Speaking about the basics of spiritual discipline, Pastor Russell Korets pointed out the following areas: Bible reading, prayer, personal worship, personal evangelism, personal finances, time and the state of the minister’s heart. He also advised those who attended to read Donald Whitney's book "Spiritual Discipline in the Christian Life," which he has read several times.

Victor Kostrub, having a great experience with people at different levels, openly shared primary keys of building a successful team. He spoke of the need to be fair, both to themselves and to God, the importance of building and maintaining confidence and trust in the team, as well as honor, which should always be maintained.

After each section, participants eagerly asked questions, and at the end of the meeting they were able leave ideas for future similar events. At the end of the training, senior pastor Vasily Botsyan summed up all that has been said for the evening, making the emphasis on loyalty and devotion when serving God.

Vahe Minasyan

Sergei Vinkovsky served youth 20+ at the church north campus

Last Wednesday, February 27th City Hill Church north campus hosted at a youth event called 20+ where Sergey Vinkovsky who serves as a pastor of the "Victory" Church in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) spoke. He is known for a huge audience of listeners and viewers, thanks to the particular manner of presenting the truths of God's Word. His message is distinguished for its dynamic and direct, sincere and honest, and compassionate love for people.

As soon as the worship was over, the microphone was immediately passed to the guest, while all listened to which all were waiting impatiently. Sermon topic was "prove yourself." The pastor began his conversation with a passage from Timothy: "Let no one look down on you because you are young. You be an example for all believers - in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and purity” (RV, 1Tim.4: 12).

"Do not let yourself think about yourself as bad and do not give a reason for others to think so," taught Pastor Sergey.

Communicating with young people, the minister left specific instructions based on their reading passages from the New Testament. He wanted the young people in the evening, just as Paul wanted Timothy to be an example of his message, as follows:

1. In the word.
2. Love and compassion for others.
3. Peace with people.
4. Peace with God.
8. In faith.
9. In purity and personal holiness.

At the end of his sermon, Pastor prayed with young people for the renewal of Christian life and exemplary Christian behavior. Young people were also able to ask questions, to which he gave his answers. In addition, after the service was over, another important part of the meeting was fellowship where young people were able to drink a good cup of coffee or tea with goodies and continue the discussion in a more informal setting.

Five were baptized in the beginning of the year

Last Sunday on February 24th, our church took into its family five more people who desired to join the church through the holy baptism. The ceremony was held in the church building, in the Baptistery. Each of the baptized by Pastor Yuri Litvinchuk was asked, “Are you ready to serve the Lord in a pure and good conscience?” After each replied that he was ready, was then completely submerged into the water, as a symbol of the fact that he's dying to the old life, and raised from the water, as a symbol of resurrecting into a new life with Christ and live for Him.

All of the gathered in the main sanctuary room could hear and see what was happening through the live broadcast on the screen, while friends and relatives attended close by and rejoiced together with the Angels (Luk.15: 10).

City on a Hill Church also joins at congratulating and wishing God's blessing to young people, to firmly resist sin and to live by spreading the Kingdom of God around them.

Kids Ministry Appreciation Event


On February 23rd, City on a Hill Church held an appreciation event to acknowledge all Kids and Teens Ministry Volunteers. Pastors Vasily Botsyan, Andrew Muzychuk, & Yuri Litvinchuk shared short messages to encourage and thank each volunteer for their hard work and dedication to the ministry.

A few leaders that attended the Children’s Pastors Conference in January shared about their experience at the conference along with some of the important things they learned.

The rest of the time was spent enjoying the food, participating in interactive activities, fellowship with one another, and prayer.


The Awakening with Joel Stockstill

One of the most influential pastors in the US, Pastor Joel Stockstill, is coming to City on a Hill Church, and City Hill Youth are hosting "The Awakening," 2 evening services, with Pastor Joel. Between 1730 and 1745 over the American colonies from Maine to Georgia swept a religious revival known as the Great Awakening. Countless lives were changed and transformed!


We at City Hill are a local youth group, a part of a local church that has a passion to see this generation of young people wake up to the reality and goodness of Jesus Christ! City Hill Youth is proud to announce our first ever 3-part quarterly service (March 9-10) with Pastor Joel Stockstill from Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, LA.

Featuring Sam Alvarez from The City Church, who will be leading worship. This is free event for all high school, college and young professionals. There will be 3 services: March 9 at 7:30PM and March 10 at 2:30PM & 7:30PM

We anticipate a packed house! Please register for the evening services here:
Your seats will be reserved until 7:10pm both of the evenings.

If you have any questions, email us at youth

Forum with Dr. Roger Olson


Dr. Roger Olson, distinguished author and professor of Theology is coming to City On A Hill Church March 16th and 17th, and the church will host a number of services with Dr. Olson speaking.


The main event will be a Forum on Calvinism and Arminianism, held on Sunday evening, March 17th, at 6 pm, together with one of the pastors of City On A Hill, Russell Korets. In addition to the forum, Dr. Olson will also serve at the Men’s Breakfast on Saturday morning, March 16th, and at both campuses on Sunday morning, March 17th.  


During the Forum, many issues related to Calvinism & Arminianism, election and predestination, limited or unlimited atonement, and other questions will be discussed.

A Q&A will also be held towards the end of the forum.


To register for the Forum, go to


Dr. Olson is Professor of Theology, George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University, Waco, TX. He holds degrees from Rice University, North American Baptist Seminary and Open Bible College. He has written numerous articles for such publications as Christian Century and Christianity Today. His recent books include Against Calvinism, The Story of Christian Theology: Twenty Centuries of Tradition and Reform, Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities and Who Needs Theology? with Stanley J. Grenz. Olson received two awards for The Story of Christian Theology including a Gold Medallion from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association for 1999. In 1993 he and co-author Mr. Grenz received Christianity Today's award for best book in theology/biblical studies for 20th Century Theology: God and the World in a Transitional Age. Dr. Olson was the editor ofChristian Scholar's Review. A past president of the American Theological Society (Midwest Division), Olson has been the co-chair of the Evangelical Theology Group of the American Academy of Religion for two years. An expert in historical theology, he is a frequent preacher, teacher and speaker for local churches and organizations.


Understanding that our churches have people who hold the Arminian view and those who hold the Calvinist view, this forum will not be an “anti- ________” event. The focus of the event is not to change one’s view to another. Rather, the focus of this forum is to educated the audience of both views, as well as correct the understanding of what Arminianism and Calvinism is. Because Dr. Olson is openly Arminian, certainly, more questions will be asked about the Arminian view, and why he believes it aligns more with scripture and the character of God. 


If you’d like to send in advance a question to be asked during this forum, please do so by sending it to

Men's Breakfast spent time reflecting on the topic of health

Saturday, February 9th marked the first Men's Breakfast this year, which was called "In a healthy body - healthy mind?!" It started out as usual with the morning communication amongst brothers during breakfast, which was wonderfully prepared by our sisters. In addition, an integral part of each of these breakfasts is morning worship, where all gathered with Vasiliy Spatarel in a prayer of thanksgiving and praise to our God.

It has become a good tradition that before the brothers dwell into to a serious conversation on the topic, the brothers prepare probing questions, with answers that are always rewarded. Once again, prizes were prepared and found its’ owners.


Before the men got deeper into the discussion, Sergey Lobozinsky spoke briefly about the history of the origin of the phrase "In a healthy body - healthy mind." “It turns out”, said Sergey “this phrase originally had a different meaning, and if it is translated from Latin, it would now read as follows: ‘In a healthy body, healthy mind, a rare phenomenon.’” However that may be, the idea of the breakfast was to highlight some connection between the spiritual and physical aspects of the personality, in the light of Christianity.

In order to make the whole process of this study more interesting, the organizers of this topic were invited to take the stage. Guest Vitaliy Oleynik (Minister, Head of Spiritual Enlightenment, Seattle, author and radio station host of "Discovering the Bible"), as well as brothers from our church - Sergey Prokopovich, Sergey Mironchuk, and Gennady Gavrelyuk. During the discussion, participants were asked key questions, such as the relationship between the physical and spiritual health; what the Bible says in regards to health, and what it suggests as common sense?

"In the Gospels, Jesus did not heal a man supernaturally if he could improve his health by changing his lifestyle. He healed only when the man was powerless." said Vitaliy Oleynik.

Children's Pastors Conference

This month 10 Kids and Teen ministry leaders went to a 4-day CPC conference in Orlando, Florida. CPC is a Children’s Pastors Conference that is organized by INCM (International Network of Children’s Ministry). About 2,000 Kids’ pastors and other ministry workers gather each year from 1,600 churches. Represented are 70 major Christian denominations of United States and internationally. Most of the attendees are from the US, but some other 15 countries are represented as well.


CPC conference is created to meet children pastors’ needs - such as networking, education, training, empowerment, etc. For this reason, during the 4 days the leaders attended 6 general sessions, 8 breakouts and 4 networking lunches and dinners. For breakout sessions they had a choice to attend a class with one of the 100 speakers from different fields of ministry and experience. Some of them are kids’ pastors, others are family pastors, educators, experts in a specific area, missionaries, different outreach ministry leaders, and book authors.


Each leader gained more knowledge and understanding as well as felt renewed and more equipped to serve the kids and families at City on a Hill church.


Here is feedback from some of the leaders that attended the conference:


CPC was the greatest conference I’ve had a privilege of attending thus far. The leading experts of children’s ministry in the nation taught on a variety of topics, with points on what makes a church thrive. By attending this conference, I was able to participate in incredible worship each morning, hear interviews of leaders who share the same passion and focus, and was motivated and challenged to increase my effectiveness in ministry to children. I am excited to go home with a refreshed outlook to begin utilizing the information I received at the conference. (Galina Adzhigirey)


The conference in Orlando not only brought more awareness for the importance of children’s ministry but gave us greater education on how to teach our children about our God and Savior Jesus Christ. Unless we have an effective children’s ministry we will not be able to lead the next generation to Christ. We learned different ways of how we can evangelize through children’s ministry and share the gospel with our local community. The networking lunch gave us a great opportunity to meet other children’s pastors and volunteers. It was encouraging to know that we are not alone in this ministry. Overall, the INCM conference improved my knowledge about creative teaching, spiritual formation, ways to deal with discipline problems and personal spiritual growth. I would strongly recommend INCM to anyone who is involved with children’s ministry. (Slavik Golovatyuk)


“The opportunity of going to the Children’s Pastor Conference was exactly what my Kids Ministry team at the North campus needed. Coming into Kids Ministry eight months ago, I had no previous training or experience. At the conference, I attended many sessions on leadership and how to build up a team like Jesus did with His disciples. Coming back from the conference, I have a better vision of how our ministry should be like and we now have the tools and knowledge to train others to become a more dynamic kid’s ministry.” (Angelina Velichko)


“Going to the CPC conference has been a true eye opener to the sacrifices our leaders make and to the seriousness that God places on kids ministry. This is the future of our church; the present day work that we put into kids ministry will have a huge impact on the future of our children and our children’s children. We heard from many speakers who have gone through many trial and error moves that defined the structure of their kids’ ministry; and the effect that those changes have made on the community of God's family, the church. As we move forward with our children's ministry, we strive to lead our children by listening to and following the lead of the Holy Spirit. I can honestly say that this conference has been a true eye opener and a life changing experience, for which I am deeply, humbly grateful." (Alina Kravchenko)

Геннадий Мохненко рассказал о настоящем счатье


В это воскресенье  13 января своим визитом благословил нашу церковь пастор церкви «Добрым Перемен» города Мариуполь, Украина, президент  детского приюта «Республика Пилигрим» и просто человек, который усыновил уже более 30 детей-безпризорников – Геннадий Мохненко. Так случилось, что его визит совпал с днём, когда благословляли семью Михаила и Любы Зялик а  также Александра и Людмилы Барвиненко, которые усыновили несколько детей из приюта. Поэтому нашего гостя, попросили сказать пару слов и провести молитву за этих детей, которые обрели семьи и за их новый родителей.


Темой проповеди Геннадия Мохненко был вопрос счастья, или как быть счастливым человеком? «Есть статистика, что в наиболее развитых и благополучных странах уровень депресии неумолительно растёт, это становиться всеобщей проблемой, уносящей жизни людей. Почему это происходит? Психологи ищет ответ, но мирская философия не может предоставить решение. Только Создатель знает, что нужно Его творению, чтобы то было счастливым» - говорил Пастор.


Для раскрытия этой темы был использован отрывок из нагорной проповеди Иисуса, а конкретнее Евагелие от Матфея 5 глава, 1-4 стихи. Согласно этому, пастор Геннадий выделил два основных рецепта для приготовленяи блюда счастья. Первое- согласно Мт.5:3 – быть нищим духом. Источник счатья – это поиск Бога в своей жизни, жажда, нужда по Богу. Искать Бога всерьоз, искать так, чтобы Он захватил твою жизнь.


Второе, согласно Мт.5:4, идти туда, где боль, где нужда, где люди погибают, идти и нести в себе Бога людям. «И когда ты увидишь одну душу, к спасению которой ты  тоже имеешь отношение, ты поймёшь, что нет большей радости на белом свете. Как сказал Блез Паскаль: «Самая великая привилегия данная Творцом своему творению – привилегия быть Причиной – причиной добрых перемен в чьей-то жизни» - продолжал пастор Геннадий.


По окончании проповедник помолился за тех, кто хочет принять Иисуса в свою жизнь, а также за тех, чьи отношения с Богом охладели, но кто бы хотел опять их восстановить. Также, после богослужения члены церкви и другие желающие имели возможность лично побеседовать с Геннадием Мохненко, и в небольшом кругу собравшихся провести плодотворное общение.  


                                                                                                                 Люсине Минасян


Teens 2012 Overview


Teens Ministry 2012 Overview

During 2012 City Hill teens did many different events throughout the year that we wanted to share about:

1. Destination Unknown- this is where the teens are taken to an unknown destination pre-planned by teen leaders ahead of time. At each destination they have a chance to explore the place they are at and the leaders end the with a short lesson based on that destination. A few places the teens when to last year included a hiking trip near Mt. Rainier, a Russian Orthodox church in Seattle, and the Glass Museum in Tacoma.

2. Summer Camp – in August, teens attended a 4-day summer camp where they had the opportunity to participate in many fun and active activities during the day, including water events, challenge courses, and shared skits they created. At night they attended powerful worship services with a message shared by their church pastors. Many of the nights the teens spent in prayer seeking God on their own time after church as well as studying the Word of God and doing devotions with one another throughout the day. These days were very transformational and effective in helping teens bond with one another and grow deeper in their relationship with God.

3. Girls & Boys Nights – Once a year the teen boys and teen girls have a separate night where they have a chance to do something fun together as well as have a special lesson and talk at the end geared specifically toward them.

This year, girl teen leaders hosted “Inside-Out”, a girls night where the focus was on the beauty inside, being fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Psalms 139.14). The world around us focuses on the outside appearance so much, that we wanted our girls to realize the importance of the image of their heart. The teens had the opportunity to make thank you cards, decorate and pack 15 soldier care packages that were shipped to Rex Potter's base. With the help of City on a Hill Church, Nataliya Zalutskiy, Lilie Radchuk, and Krista Whitish the packages contained gifts and goodies that the soldiers were able to enjoy. We received a letter from Rex Potter a few weeks after the packages were sent:

"I want to start by saying THANK YOU ALL!!! The care packages were amazing and very well put together. As some of you may know, I decided to hand most of the packages out to the soldiers of foreign armies... It may seem like a very simple thing to you all, putting these packages together, but the impact they had on the people who received them cannot be accurately articulated with words. You all had a very positive effect on these people through what may appear to be a simple act of kindness. These acts of kindness are very rare for many people in the world. When I gave a care package to the Housing Department lady, she almost started crying...Thank you all so much for the extremely positive impact you had on these great people here...I love seeing God's work through an incredible group like you all...I miss you all. God Bless you all” - Rex Potter

The men leaders hosted “God’s Warrior’s”, a boys night where the focus of the night was about what it meant to be a warrior of God and what they need to do to better prepare themselves for the challenges, temptations, and battles that they face in their lives. They boys went to laser quest in the beginning of the night and then went back to church for activities and their talk with their teen leaders.

4. Lock-In’s – Every few months City Hill Teens hold a lock-in at church. The teens come together for the night where they start off by doing a fun activity together and then return to church for an evening of games as well as ending it off with a sermon by a teen or church leader. This year the teens went to Sky High for one Lock-In and a Roller-skating rink for another one. At the end they had the church youth pastor’s come and share a word with them. Then they continued with their activities until the morning. During this time they build friendships with one another, have a fun time, and grow closer to God through their fellowship during the messages with their church pastors.

5. Prayer Mountain Retreat - The teen leaders and teens went on a two day retreat to Prayer Mountain in Oregon where they spent their time seeking God together. The teens had Bible devotions with their leaders where they were able to discuss the importance of prayer in their daily lives. During the day and evening they had the opportunities to hear the church pastors share a message with them and call them to prayer together. The teens also had a chance to also explore the mountain, go on a hike, and spend time getting to know one another more. The retreat was a good time of fellowship, prayer, and spiritual renewal for the teens and leaders.

6. Junior Blocs - In 2012 City Hill Teen launched Junior Blocs, which are small group meetings with teen leaders that happen twice a month. Boys and girls are separated into these small groups and they have the opportunity to get together with their teen leaders and friends to spend time growing closer to God and one other by reading and discussing the Bible as well as other Biblical based topics that are of interest to them.

7. Mexico Mission Trip - During the summer 8th grade teens went on a week-long mission trip to Mexico where they were able to put their time, talents, and energy to use to work with orphans and in the local churches. They began preparing multiple skits, worship songs, sermons, and gifts to give orphans half a year in advance. When they went on the mission trip they had a wonderful time leading church services, spending time with orphans, and having fellowship with one another. This mission trip was transformational for them as it gave them the opportunity to see and help hungry, hopeless people in need of God as well as learn that they could use their own resources to reach the needy around them.

We look forward to a fun and productive 2013 year so if you have teens, we'd love to have them join us for these events, gatherings, and classes that we hold.

{Anna Bachinsky}