Worship & Prayer Conference - Nov 2015

We are excited to have teacher & author Bob Sorge with us, Nov. 13th-15th, for a Worship & Prayer Conference at City On A Hill Church.
The conference will start off on Friday evening, Nov. 13th, and continue with a 24hr prayer & worship chain.
We will end on Saturday evening at 7 pm, where Bob Sorge will minister again. Make plans to be with us!


All of this will take place at Overcomer Covenant Church (33415 Military Rd S, Auburn, WA 98001).


Bob Sorge is an author and itinerant speaker. In 1992, he suffered a vocal injury that caused his voice to be reduced to nothing more than a faint whisper. As a result of the injury, he is only able to whisper for an hour each day before the pain forces him to be silent. Before the injury occurred, Bob was a senior pastor and worship leader. As a result of the vocal pain and weakness, he was forced to resign after serving his church for 13 years. Since that time, God has led him on an unexpected journey as a minister in the body of Christ. Through his personal suffering and the desperation of his own pursuit of Jesus, God has given him a message that empowers believers to find God’s redemptive purposes in the greatest trials of life.

FRIDAY 7:30-9:30 - Bob Sorge and Pastor Vasily Botsyan
FRIDAY 10pm - Saturday 6pm (non-stop worship and prayer) 
SATURDAY 7pm-9pm - Bob Sorge and Pastor Vasily Botsyan

24H Burn
We will start 7:30 Friday and continue till Saturday 9pm. As we stand in worship and prayer. 

Friday 10pm-12am - Cityhill Youth 
Saturday 12am-2am - CityHill Young Adults
Saturday 2am-4am - CItyhill Worship
Saturday 4am-6am - IHOP-NW
Saturday 6am-8am - Harvest worship
Saturday 8am-10am - Cityhill North
Saturday 10am-12pm - Overcomer Covenant Worship 
Saturday 12pm-2pm - Ecclesia Worship (Sacramento, CA) Worship leader Andrey Skorobogatko
Saturday 2pm-4pm- Church of Truth Worship (OR)
Saturday 4pm-6pm - Bethany Worship (Sacramento, CA) Worship leader Max Kulinich

If You are in Middle School....

Just this fall, we have already gone to a corn maze and State Fair with the our teens! If you are a teen in middle school, we don’t want you to miss out anymore! This is a quick rundown of how City on a Hill Teen’s ministry works!

Teen Class

Middle schoolers meet for teen class every Sunday (other than the first Sunday of the month). Teen class is a weekly group gathering for teens where they are able to discover important Biblical truths and perspectives. Teen class is like an appetizer for the rest of the ministry; it’s a great place to meet leader and friends as well as get a feel for the church at a middle school level.


Teen Blocs are basically bible studies for teens and they are so important! This is where the teens are able to build lasting relationships with their friends and establish a one on one connection with their leaders! We have seen so many teens make good friendships here! It is very difficult to meet the needs of every teen in our ministry on just Sunday! Instead, when teens meet for BLOCs, teens and leaders all get to know each other on a personal level.

 The ways that TEEN BLOCS are run vary from BLOC to BLOC. In the past we have had park days, bloc combos and parties. Whatever we are doing, teens tend to look forward to bloc every other week!

Boys and girls meet seperatley and break down into a couple of blocs. Contact your campus teeen leader for more information. 


Teen Events

We have many teen events throughout the year and they are always supper fun! In the past we have gone to the State Fair, to prayer mountain, separate boy’s and girl’s sleep overs, and done homeless outreaches, just to name a few!  We like to change it up a little every year so our teens get the chance of going to many adventures. Almost every single time, the event is free and we meet at the church office and provide transportation to and from the event as well as a snack.


Our priority as leaders is for each and every teen to enter and grow in a relationship with God before they leave our ministry. If a teen is confident in whom they are in Jesus, even in of the most difficult and confusing stages in his or her life, then by the time they enter high school, they are set for life.


Are you a teen or parent who wants their teen to get involved? Don’t be shy and don’t hesitate! We would love to answer your questions and help your teen get involved. You can contact the numbers below and be sure to like our Facebook page, City Hill Teen Ignite, for updates!


Anna Bachinsky (253) 218-9664

Yuriy Kosiuga (253) 988-9533


Ida Velichko (206)708-3833

Anton Vasyukevich (206)659-3435



The BIG Move

CITY ON HILL IS MOVING! And we would love for you to help us accomplish this! Recently we have found a wonderful building located just a couple of minutes away from our current church office. This building would be able to better accommodate our growing church as it would offer lots of seating and office space. We are currently raising $195,000 for a 25% down payment. After we purchase the building, it would take about a year to remodel. We are super excited for this transition in our church and we would love it if you, members of city on a hill, would bless this church in donating towards the new building. You can give online, during a Sunday service, or by texting “$_building” 2064960344. We look forward to seeing all the blessings God is directing our way and watching it unfold under this new building! Thank you for being a part of it!

City on a Hill Turns 5!

Five years.


Five years of growth through trial and error. Five years of seasons of change. Five years of an influx of new faces, and more importantly souls that are changed. Five years of the perpetual serving done by our pastoral team and other leaders.


Five years of walking by faith and not sight.


Five years of God’s continuous grace and provision.


Five years since City on a Hill became an official church in the state of Washington. This weekend, we celebrated our five year anniversary with Pastor Larry Stockstill. We gathered together to recall and thank the Lord for all he has done as well as receive wisdom and plant seeds of faith for all the good that is yet to come! A big thank you to everyone who helped make this event happen! Here is a quick rundown of the weekend!


Friday: South and North youth combined at OCC to here Larry Stockstill speak on walking in integrity.


Saturday: Leaders met in the morning at the office to hear a seminar and the church gathered in the evening at OCC again.


Sunday: The grand finale! Church met at CFC which was packed. Stockstill spoke about honor. We also got to watch a recap vide of the last five years and got to hear from our choir that was organized and led by Yuri Litvinchuk along with the band and worship team!


We are so thankful for our pastoral team as well as our deacons and leaders from every department and all our volunteers for playing their part in the body of Christ and helping build this church! We are so excited to see what God has in store for us in the years to come! To Him be all the glory forever and ever.



Here is the link for the short documentary http://youtu.be/N95h3H5snFU


City on a Hill - 5 Year Anniversary

City on a Hill - 5 Year Anniversary

Ларри Стокстил: мы можем растягивать нашу веру

Как уже многим известно наша церковь в эти выходные празднует годовщину в 5 лет. Это радостное событие для нашей семьи, и мы рады, что вчера вечером на праздничном служении пастор Ларри Стокстил (Larry Stockstill) делился посланием от Бога.  
Итак, Ларри говорил, что наша вера подобна мышце, и её можно тренировать/растягивать, как это писал апостол Павел: "Мы не без меры хвалимся, не чужими трудами, но надеемся, с возрастанием веры вашей, с избытком увеличить в вас удел наш," (2 Кор.10:15)
Дальше пастор назвал пути, с помощью  которых мы можем растягивать нашу веру. 
Мы можем это делать:
1.  с помощью нужды 
Вера бедной вдовы вера возросла, когда она имела нужду в пропитании. (3 Цар. 17;10-16)
2. С помощью мечты 
Бог дал Аврааму мечту о будущих поколениях.  И это растягивало/взращивало его веру. (Быт. 22:17)
3. С помощью посеянного семени
Бедная вдова отдала последний хлеб, потому что поверила словам пророка. (3 Цар. 17:13)
Подытожил свою проповедь Ларри Стокстил следующей фразой: "если у тебя достаточно большое желание что-то сделать, ты найдёшь способ как это сделать". В залючение Пастор Лари и пастор Василий Боцян молились за всех, кто желает, чтобы Бог растягивал их веру. 

Conference with Larry Stockstill

This weekend, Sept. 25th-27th, we are celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of the whole City On A Hill family, which is a ministry of several campuses and ministries. Pastor Larry Stockstill will be with us, for several services.


The services will be held in Federal Way, WA. Here is the service schedule for the conference:
Friday, Sept. 25th, 7 pm: Youth & Young Adults service with Larry Stockstill @ Overcomer Covenant in Auburn (33415 Military South Auburn WA 98001).

Saturday, Sept. 26th, 10 am: Seminar for Leaders and Volunteers @ City On A Hill office/youth facility in Federal Way (1336 S 336th St, Federal Way WA 98003). Pastors & leaders of other churches are welcome to attend as well. 

Saturday, Sept. 26th, 7 pm: Conference Service @ Overcomer Covenant Church in Auburn (33415 Military South Auburn WA 98001).

Sunday, Sept. 27th, 3 pm: Conference Service @ Christian Faith Center in Federal Way (33645 20th Ave S. Federal Way WA 98003).   

Господь наш пастырь

В воскресение после причастия вся церковь "City On A Hill" имела возможность вместе с Пастором Расселом Корец размышлять над Словом Божьим. 


Текст на который обратил внимание слушателей проповедник Псалом 22. 
"Господь - Пастырь мой; я ни в чем не буду нуждаться:" (Пс. 22:1)
"Господь  есть наш пастырь, и этого уже достаточно" - радостно говорил Рассел. 
"Он покоит меня на злачных пажитях и водит меня к водам тихим," (Пс.22:2)
"спокойно овца может отдохнуть,  так как уверенна в безопасности и сыта. Господь делает такие обстоятельства для нас, чтобы мы тоже научились доверять Ему" - продолжал пастор. 
"подкрепляет душу мою, направляет меня на стези правды ради имени Своего" (Пс.22:3)
"Если я пойду и долиною смертной тени, не убоюсь зла, потому что Ты со мной; Твой жезл и Твой посох - они успокаивают меня" (Пс.22:4)
Рассел говорил, что долина приходит в жизнь каждого человека. Это только вопрос времени. По этому нам как и овеце нужно всецело довериться Пастырю, то есть Господу. Он же с помощью жезла и посоха будет направлять нас и защищать от внешних врагов. 
"Ты приготовил предо мною трапезу в виду врагов моих; умастил елеем голову мою; чаша моя преисполнена" (Пс.22:5)
"Так, благость и милость [Твоя] да сопровождают меня во все дни жизни моей, и я пребуду в доме Господнем многие дни" (Пс.22:6)
"Друзья, Господь не желает то бы мы имели какой то страх перед неприятелями. Он приготовил для нас жилище на небесах. И Сам доведет нас туда, ведь Он наш пастырь? Не так ли?" - примерно так подытожил пастор Рассел Корец. 


VBS: Kid's Camp in Kenmore Exceeded Expectations!

The last week of July this year was a special time for the North Campus Kid's Ministry. Many kids showed up to Camp Kilimanjaro. We anticipated 60 participants but the total number was over 100, including neighborhood kids from various cultures. It was a fun and diverse group.  
At the week-long day camp, children learned about Proverbs and how they can be wise through eyes, ears, tongue, hands and feet. They "climbed up" the highest free-standing mountain in the world: Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.
As part of the mission program associated with this VBS program, this group of kids collected finances for about 1000 meals for children in Africa.

Новый сингл под названием "Алтарь" CityHill Worship

Группа прославления  церкви "City on a Hill"  выпустила свой первый сингл под названием "Алтарь". Песня объединила в себе слова Александра Шевченко и музыку Юрия Литвинчука.

City On A Hill Church worship team has released a new sing called "Altar". Words by Alex Shevchenko and music by Yuri Litvinchuk. 



Download the song here:


Soundtrack | Фонограмма 


Download the chords, voical and piano charts here:

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