Mens breakfast: the vulnerability of a man.

Saturday, 4th of June at our church we had a mens meeting that consisted with prayer, worship and a breakfast. The theme of the breakfast was "vulnerability of men" or in other words, the weaknesses of men. After a very large breakfast, in which was worth the wait because of the effort that our sisters put in, our brothers came together for prayer and worship lead by our guest Vasiliy Spatarel.


Sergey Lobodzinskiy, organizer of the breakfast, welcomed all the brothers. Main thought that he left with everyone, ended with this, that a man can't do anything more masculine then to have a desire to get closer, more and more to the character of Jesus Christ. 


Pastor Vasiliy Botsyan voiced out three serious questions:

1. What does a man do with a man. 

2. What does a man fear?

3. Weak spot of a man?

At the end the call was left at the alter in front of God, with great desire the men asked for Gods blessing in being truly strong- by being more Christ like, who took upon himself the responsibility of taking all the sins of this world. 



Along with different pastors, who gave their reply to the questions. Want to acknowledge, with the video bellow. Максима Максимова!

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