If You are in Middle School....

Just this fall, we have already gone to a corn maze and State Fair with the our teens! If you are a teen in middle school, we don’t want you to miss out anymore! This is a quick rundown of how City on a Hill Teen’s ministry works!

Teen Class

Middle schoolers meet for teen class every Sunday (other than the first Sunday of the month). Teen class is a weekly group gathering for teens where they are able to discover important Biblical truths and perspectives. Teen class is like an appetizer for the rest of the ministry; it’s a great place to meet leader and friends as well as get a feel for the church at a middle school level.


Teen Blocs are basically bible studies for teens and they are so important! This is where the teens are able to build lasting relationships with their friends and establish a one on one connection with their leaders! We have seen so many teens make good friendships here! It is very difficult to meet the needs of every teen in our ministry on just Sunday! Instead, when teens meet for BLOCs, teens and leaders all get to know each other on a personal level.

 The ways that TEEN BLOCS are run vary from BLOC to BLOC. In the past we have had park days, bloc combos and parties. Whatever we are doing, teens tend to look forward to bloc every other week!

Boys and girls meet seperatley and break down into a couple of blocs. Contact your campus teeen leader for more information. 


Teen Events

We have many teen events throughout the year and they are always supper fun! In the past we have gone to the State Fair, to prayer mountain, separate boy’s and girl’s sleep overs, and done homeless outreaches, just to name a few!  We like to change it up a little every year so our teens get the chance of going to many adventures. Almost every single time, the event is free and we meet at the church office and provide transportation to and from the event as well as a snack.


Our priority as leaders is for each and every teen to enter and grow in a relationship with God before they leave our ministry. If a teen is confident in whom they are in Jesus, even in of the most difficult and confusing stages in his or her life, then by the time they enter high school, they are set for life.


Are you a teen or parent who wants their teen to get involved? Don’t be shy and don’t hesitate! We would love to answer your questions and help your teen get involved. You can contact the numbers below and be sure to like our Facebook page, City Hill Teen Ignite, for updates!


Anna Bachinsky (253) 218-9664

Yuriy Kosiuga (253) 988-9533


Ida Velichko (206)708-3833

Anton Vasyukevich (206)659-3435