Christmas Service 12/20/2015

Sundays service 20 December, became unordinary for our church. That is because, it had to do with Christmas. And we all as a church celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ. 
Yuiy Litvinchyuk welcomed everyone to worship and praise with some of the classical hymns of christmas. He reminded us the words of prophet Isaiah who said "For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,  Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." (Isaiah 9:6) some understood and believed right away in Jesus promised by God to others though it was closed- Pastor Yuriy spoke.
"Christmas its a unique holiday. And we must not forget that we not only are celebrating the birth of a child, Christ, but also the birth of a King, that died and then rose and will once more come with glory for his church."- Spoke pastor Leonid
Jesus once said to his disciples, that they be like children. He made children an example of simplicity, sincerity, and love. Kids in our church also in simplicity, sincerly, and in love praised Jesus and wished those that were gathered a very merry Christmas in their songs, and skits. 
Youth pastor Alex Kulibaba, said his welcoming to the church and read a passage from the book of Luke. Luke 2:7-12. Leader of the youth came across with a question "Do we understand what Christmas is?" The angel said to the shephards "Do not fear, I came to give you good news." Could it be that we still do this day are affraid of something in our lives. That is why I must tell you, there is nothing we must fear, Jesus was born to us- with excitement spoke Pastor Alex. 
Pastor Mike Khochai, wished everyone a Merry Christmas based on the parable of the leprocy, Matthew 8:3. Said that a person in the eyes of God has also leprocy, but God wants to make him clean that he may praise his Son Jesus Christ. 
In conclusion, pastor Vasiliy Botsyan, investigated the essence of Christmas. He read from Colossions 1:26-27. "Jesus Christ was born not only in Bethlehem's barn. This was a place where lambs were born and prepared for sacrifice in the temple. So from the begining one can say that Jesus was to be the lamb to be sacrficed." This and many other things, Pastor Vasilliy talked about.